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Book Review: Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne

Sustainable and Fashionable Melbourne: A guide to ethical and local makers.

Compiled by Greta Lukavic

Buy well and buy responsibly; not only will the pieces last, they will matter to you ~ Greta Lukavic

This book caught my eye as I was browsing in Readings, fresh out of lockdown earlier this year in Melbourne. After building my website and spending the last few years learning about sustainable and ethical labels here in Melbourne, and Australia more broadly, I was amazed at the number of designers featured in this book that I’d never heard of.

Curated by Melbourne writer and editor Greta Lukavic—who has a passion for all things fashion and vintage—and published by Slattery Media Group, the book is a feast for the eyes as well as a practical guide. It has been designed with its audience in mind, full of vibrant images of prints and clothing, along with behind-the-scenes photos from the 80 featured design studios and workshops.

Each entry is succinct and easy to follow, featuring a bio of the designers or brands including their backstory and process. Lukavic has also included quotes from the designers that she met with while conducting research for the book, so you can hear firsthand from the makers themselves.

There’s also a helpful directory at the back of the book containing contact details for each listed designer, as well as the details for their recommendations and fellow creatives. This list contains an A-Z list of Australian brands leading the way in sustainable and ethical fashion. Definitely a must-have if you’re in Melbourne.

The directory-style book functions as a comprehensive guide for jewellery, clothing, and footwear, with some homewares and leather goods designers too. If you’re after a thorough guide on sustainable and local homewares though, I’d suggest you look elsewhere—this book definitely leans heavily in the fashion direction.

Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne is a brilliant guide that makes looking for ethical, local clothing simple. Lukavic has done the hard work so you don’t have to. This book has got me feeling inspired to update my own brand directory and include some of the wonderful designers from this book.



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