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Book Review: ‘This is a Good Guide’ by Marieke Eyskoot

"Once we need less, we will have more"
"My goal is to build a life I don't need vacation from"

I can’t quite remember how I came across this book to begin with, but it has since become one of my go-to guides for advice on sustainability in almost every aspect of my life. Marieke Eyskoot is a Dutch environmentalist and activist specialising in sustainable fashion. She has decades of experience in the industry and is an active public speaker in her field, she was nominated for Amsterdam Citizen of the Year and has featured in several lists for influential women.

This is a Good Guide: for a sustainable lifestyle is Eyskoot’s practical guide for making going green fun, easy and logical. She backs everything up with evidence, statistics and quotes and includes guides for sustainable brands by location. The book is heavily researched and easy to read with beautiful layouts and photography throughout. It also includes interviews from Eyskoot’s global network of environmentalists and fashion industry experts such as Livia Firth (founder of EcoAge) and UK pioneering ethical fashion designer, Katherine Hamnett.

While Eyskoot’s professional background is predominantly in the fashion industry, the book covers a range of topics. She takes you through the areas in your life that have an impact from the kitchen and bathroom, to your transport and lifestyle decisions as well as work and travel. Beauty and fashion do make up a large portion of the book, though this is to be expected given Eyskoot’s experience.

What I find most compelling about this book is not the practical advice and evidence, but the inspirational and aspirational tone Eyskoot maintains throughout. There are so many environmentalist and sustainability books out there that focus on the doom and gloom of climate change and try to guilt people into changing their lifestyles, but Eyskoot’s book takes a different approach and demonstrates how living a sustainable life is not only better for us and the planet, but more rewarding, nourishing and satisfying than the alternative. Eyskoot promotes sustainable living as easy, convenient and stylish and leaves you feeling empowered to make changes, whether they be small or large.

It would be hypocritical of Eyskoot to publish a book without considering her own environmental footprint, so the book is printed with plant-based ink on FSC-paper (responsibly sourced paper). The book is also available as an e-book if you want to avoid any printing or shipping costs.


You can find out more about Marieke Eyskoot and the book on her website.

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(L) Melody Lieftink


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