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Brand Spotlight: Nobody Denim

Designed in Melbourne | Made in Melbourne

As far as wardrobe staples go, you can’t go past classic denim. It’s durable, versatile and timeless. So when it comes to finding your perfect pair of ethical, sustainably-made jeans, look to nobody but Nobody.

I bought my Nobody Denim jeans in 2018 and haven’t looked back. They have been comfortable from the beginning and haven’t lost their shape. I took them overseas and wore them through an English winter as well as a Spanish spring. I still love them and wear them weekly. The high waist doesn’t gape at the back, the denim moves with me and retains its original shape. I would recommend them to my best friends and my enemies alike.

In their latest collection, The Place We Call Home, they are celebrating Australian landscapes and the diversity of our natural environment. Using natural pigments and soft, aquatic blues, the collection recognises the ‘natural beauty in textures and fabrications [alongside] the fragility in the world around us’.

Ethical Manufacturing

Not only are they a great brand for style and comfort, they’re also leading the way in ethical and sustainable denim manufacturing in Australia. Started in 1999 by Greek immigrant Jim Condilis and his two sons, John and Nick, Nobody Denim is committed to fair working conditions and sustainable business practices.

As a Melbourne-based brand with their own local factory, Nobody Denim employs over 80 people and helps keep Australia’s textile manufacturing industry going. They are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and work closely with the industry union. They also share their audit reports and accreditations on their website so you can be sure their workers are treated fairly.

They’ve also been actively adapting during COVID-19 by producing PPE for frontline workers, and making masks for government entities, schools and aged-care facilities. By repurposing their Melbourne sewing factory during the pandemic, they’ve been able to ensure the ongoing employment of their workers in safe conditions.


Having a sustainable business model was never just going to be about people, but the environment as well. Nobody Denim works with Sustainability Victoria to reduce their environmental impact. Denim is a thirsty fibre – it would take years to drink the amount of water needed to produce just one pair of jeans. But since 2017, Nobody Denim has already reduced their water usage by 50% in the stone washing and bleaching processes.

They’re also cutting their energy usage in their factory – from the choice of lightbulbs to the motors used in the sewing machines. And they’ve made their garment assembly processes more efficient so they can remain in their existing factory without having to expand.

In terms of their fabrics, Nobody Denim use suppliers and textiles which exceed Australian environmental and chemical standards. They also use natural enzymes in their denim laundry and do not use hazardous azo dyes which have been found to be potentially carcinogenic.

The brand has also produced collections from repurposed materials in collaboration with David Jones, donated garments to the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter and the Darwin Aboriginal and Islander Women’s Shelter, and reduced their fabric waste by 9%.

The fact that all of this information is readily available on their website also demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Nobody Denim is available via their website, David Jones, Glue Store, Universal Store or you can check for your nearest stockist here.


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