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Inclusive Ethical Fashion

Recently I wrote an article for the Brisbane-based ethical fashion website, Britt's List, on the importance of inclusivity in the ethical fashion industry. This is an issue I care about deeply and hopefully by the end of the article, you will too. The intro is included below, for the full article click on the link at the bottom of the page.


I think we can all agree the fashion industry of the future (and present, for that matter) needs to be sustainable and ethical, putting people and planet before profit. But it also needs to be inclusive.

In the wake of this chaotic year, it has become increasingly evident that fashion has an inclusivity problem. Previously, the fashion industry’s idea of inclusivity meant expanding size ranges and hiring more diverse models. While these are positive steps, inclusivity doesn’t stop there. We need sustainable brands to cater for different genders, budgets, bodies and cultures. If we want a truly sustainable and ethical future for fashion, we need it to be for everybody.

This year has been a wake-up call for more reasons than one...

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