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Welcome To The Mindful Materialist Blog


Hello! My name is Kate, and welcome to my corner of the internet where I'll be sharing my thoughts on sustainability, ethical fashion, low-impact living and life. The shift to living a more sustainable life started when I was fourteen years old and had an opportunity to live on a farm for a few months. This program was run through my school where we learnt to track our water and power usage, meal plan, grow our own produce, cook our own food, camp and explore the wilderness around us, and basically live a more simple life free from technology and consumerism.

I'm now 23 years old and studying a Masters at the University of Melbourne in Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing, following on from my Double Undergraduate Degree in Arts and Music. I have always loved being creative, both as a performer and a maker. I grew up singing, dancing and acting, writing music, baking and learning to sew with my mum as my teacher.

So why mindful materialism? What does this mean? Materialism is the love of material things, and I think this is something we should all be adopting. Consumerism, by contrast, is the love of buying things - this is something I'm less keen on. If I buy something, I want to buy it because I need it, or because it has a story behind it, or because I know I will use it and love it for years and years to come. If we all make room for a bit more mindful materialism in our lives, we will love what we have and stop looking for fulfilment in what we don't. We can save our money and find value in doing things ourselves, we can start recycling, repurposing, up-cycling, reducing our footprint, spending our time doing things which bring us happiness instead of stuff.

On this blog, I want to show you how easy and rewarding it is to live more sustainably and mindfully. I'll be sharing my tips and tricks to keep loving what you have, my favourite sustainable brands, DIY projects, book reviews, as well as my go-to resources to help you find out more.

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to sharing this with you!



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